More Hidden Object Games Without Stories

A hidden object scene from Faircrofts Antiques: Treasures of Treffenberg

Looking for a hidden object game that doesn’t have complicated puzzles and an overarching story? Do you just want to find hidden objects? Then this post is for you.

In recent years there’s been a resurgence in pure hidden object games, meaning HOGs that contain only hidden object scenes and simple puzzles. They don’t have you finding objects you can add to your inventory, that you must then use in some way to advance the story or to move to another area of the game. They don’t have hidden object scenes hidden behind sparkly areas. These games are all about hidden objects (and relaxing puzzles). There’s nothing wrong with HOPAs (hidden object puzzle adventure), but sometimes you’re just in the mood to relax.

I’ve already written a post with some popular pure HOGs, but there have been more released since then, so I’m writing this “Part 2” post. You can find my first post on the subject, which is chock full of suggested games that you should also check out, here:

Hidden Object Games Without Stories

Without further ado, here are more hidden object games without stories. If you’ve played games by Casual Arts (Cruise Director, Park Ranger), you’ll like many of the games listed here because they’ve emulated the Casual Arts model. And why not? It’s a successful formula. We clearly love our HOG games.

Pure Hidden Object Games, Meaning No Stories

Our Beautiful Earth: This is a series of games (five so far). Each game consists of scenes from around the world, full of hidden objects. The gameplay is simple: find the objects! The scenes do repeat over the course of the game, but the objects you have to find change. Also, there are three cats to find in every scene (at least in the first game. I haven’t played the others yet). The games do have puzzles, but they’re easy to do. Nothing complicated. If you’re looking for a relaxing experience, give this series a try.

A hidden object scene from Our Beautiful Earth
One of the scenes from Our Beautiful Earth, a pure HOG

I Love Finding Cats: If you love cats and/or dogs, you’ll love two hidden object games from developer Boomzap Entertainment. I Love Finding Cats came first, followed by I Love Finding Pups. You can guess what you have to find in each game. Both games have easy puzzles to do, all involving cats and dogs. If you’re a pet lover, definitely try these two out. I wonder if they’ll bring out another game along the same theme. I Love Finding Hamsters? I Love Finding Guinea Pigs? I guess we’ll see.

The Adventure Trip Series: Interested in travelling the world? You can do so virtually and find hidden objects at the same time in the Adventure Trip series. Currently there are three games available that will take you to London, the Wonders of the World, and New York. As usual, the game has puzzles, but nothing difficult.

The Faircroft Antiques Series: I love this series from Boomzap Entertainment. All the games have the same character (Mia Faircroft), so you get to know her, and her family and friends. There’s a story in the sense that between each hidden object scene or puzzle, you have to click through some dialogue. But that’s it. It’s not a HOPA.

There are four in the series so far. I’ve played the first two and enjoyed them immensely. I already have the third and fourth games in the series and will be playing them soon. The hidden object scene at the top of this post is from the first game in this series.

If you prefer to buy your games at Steam, you’re in luck. The games are available there. You can pick up the first one here:

Faircroft Antiques: Treasures of Treffenburg

Dialogue scene from Hidden object game Faircroft Antiques
A dialogue scene from Faircroft Antiques: Treasures of Treffenberg

Vacation Paradise: California: This looks to be a new games series by the same developers behind the Adventure Trip series. This time you’re off on a tour of California, which will span Death Valley, Napa Valley, Golden Gate, Cataline Islands, and Palm Springs, among other locations. There’s also trivia to learn, and you can collect special items to unlock bonus games and an unlimited mode. I haven’t played this one yet, but it’s highly rated at Big Fish Games.

The Road Trip Series: Interested in going on a few road trips? Then this is the series for you. You’ll go on road trips within the USA and Europe, with lots of hidden objects to find along the way (and puzzles of the usual kind).

Final Word

That’s it for another batch of hidden object games without stories. Many of these games have only been released in the past year or two, so you won’t have any problems playing them on modern systems. As I mentioned up front, this is my second post with game suggestions, so don’t forget to check out my first post if you haven’t already.

Happy hidden object gaming!

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