Hidden Object Games for Horror Fans

Screenshot from the horror hidden object game Maze: Subject 360

If you’re in the mood for horror and thrills, I’ve got a list of hidden object horror games for you. Lots of hidden object game descriptions include the words scary, thrilling, frightening, etc., but a lot of them say that because they have witches or shadowy figures in them. It doesn’t mean they’re horror. I’ve chosen games that definitely fall into the horror category.

I’ve played many of the games and can vouch for their creepiness. Be warned: you’ll want to play these games with the lights on.

All the games are available at Big Fish, and most of them are available at Steam, too. For series, I’ve linked to the first game. I’ve also included a trailer to one of the games in each series (not necessarily the first one).

Hidden Object Horror Games

The Maze Series

The Maze series is by Madhead Games, so you know it’s quality. I’ve played the first one and have the other games in the series on my “definitely buy and play” list.

The trailer for Maze: Subject 360

In Maze: Subject 360, you wake up in a strange room and are at the mercy of what sounds like a child. The stranger always refers to you as Subject 360, like you’re part of some creepy experiment. Can you pass her test?

The store page for this game warns that it’s for mature audiences only. Prepare to be frightened and a little creeped out.

Maze: Subject 360 at Big Fish Games

The Phantasmat Series

Phantasmat is a long-running series from Eipix Entertainment, another quality developer. I love this series, and it’s quite popular so you’ll probably enjoy it too.

The trailer for Phantasmat: The Dread of Oakville

In the first game (called Phantasmat), you crash your car and manage to find a hotel, but the hotel is like the Hotel California. You can never leave, or at least it seems that way. Can you deal with the creepy guests and find your way out?

There are 13 (!) games in the series at the time I’m writing this, so if you like the first game, there’s lots to dig your teeth into. The first game was released a while ago, but I recently played it, so it does play on modern systems and is a great game, to boot.

Phantasmat at Big Fish Games  (note that there isn’t a Collector’s edition for the first game)

The Agency of Anomalies Series

I love this series. In fact, it might be one my favourite horror series, even though it’s an older series (the last game was released in 2013). Because it’s older, the earlier games don’t have a map, so they’re more challenging. I sometimes bail on those, but I kept playing the Agency of Anomalies games because they’re that good.

The trailer for The Agency of Anomalies: Mystic Hospital.

In Agency of Anomalies, you play a paranormal investigator called in to investigate strange phenomena. In the first game, you investigate an abandoned military hospital. Trust me, this game is creepy.

Because they’re older games, you might want to try the demo at Big Fish first. I bought the games at Steam and had no problems playing them on my system.

Agency of Anomalies: Mystic Hospital at Big Fish Games

The Harrowed Halls Series

I haven’t played this one yet, but the store page for Lakeview Lane, the first game in the series, warns that the game is suitable for mature audiences. Based on the trailer and reviews, this game is definitely horror.

The trailer for Harrowed Halls: Lakeview Lane

In the game, you move to a new house and surprise! It’s haunted. I’ll definitely play this one at some point, maybe around Halloween.

If you like it, there’s another game in the series called Hell’s Thistle.

Hallowed Halls: Lakeview Lane at Big Fish

The Haunted Manor Series

There are six games in the Haunter Manor series by Top Evidence Studio. I’ll be honest. I tried and bailed on the first game, but only because it came out in 2011 and was a little too old for me. You might enjoy it. I haven’t played the other games in the series yet, but as usual, they’re on my list.

The trailer for Haunted Manor: Remembrance

The latest game was released in 2019. It’s called Remembrance. You return to your childhood home, which apparently has a dark past.

The series is from Eipix Entertainment, so I’d give it a try, whether you start with the first game or one of the later ones. At the time of writing this, there are six games in the series.

Haunted Manor: Queen of Death at Big Fish

The Bonfire Stories Series

I played the first game in the Bonfire Stories series not too long ago and really enjoyed it. It’s called the Faceless Gravedigger, and it starts with telling scary stories around a campfire. One of those stories takes on a life of its own.

Trailer for Bonfire Stories: Faceless Gravedigger

There are currently three games in the series: The Faceless Gravedigger, Heartless, and Manifest Horror. All the games are modern games. Mariaglorum, the developer, releases quality stuff.

Bonfire Stories: Faceless Gravedigger at Big Fish

The Dreadful Tales Series

This is another series from Eipix Entertainment. There are two games in the series so far. In the first game (The Space Between), you buy an old house, hoping to renovate and flip it, and guess what? It’s haunted. A strange creature is wreaking havoc.

The trailer for Dreadful Tales: The Space Between

This is a newer series. Both games in the series were released in 2019. I haven’t played them yet, but eventually I’ll play every game from Eipix because they put out great games.

Dreadful Tales: The Space Between at Big Fish

The Haunted Halls Series

This is an older series (the last game came out in 2013), but if you’re a horror fan, play it! These are some of the creepiest games on the list. There are four games in the series: Green Hills Sanitarium, Fears from Childhood, Revenge of Doctor Blackmore, and Nightmare Dwellers.

Trailer for Haunted Halls: Green Hills Sanitarium

I’ve played the first two games with no problems, so I assume the last two games will run on modern systems, too. In the first game, you go to a decrepit mental asylum, looking for your boyfriend who went to the asylum to investigate its past, and then disappeared.

Haunted Halls: Green Hills Sanitarium at Big Fish

Halloween Hidden Object Games

Halloween-themed hidden object games are, of course, horror games. You can play these games year round, or only around Halloween, for extra creepiness.

The Halloween Stories Series

The Halloween Stories games deliver in the horror department. There are three games in the series so far: Invitation, Black Book, and Horror Movie.

The trailer for Halloween Stories: Invitation

The series is developed by Elephant Games, a reliable developer you can count on. In the first game, you’re invited to a party that turns out to be a trap. Can you escape from the house before you’re caught by mysterious baddies?

I’ve played the first two games in the series and liked both of them.

Halloween Stories: Invitation at Big Fish Games

The Halloween Chronicles Series

Halloween Chronicles is a fairly new series. The first game, Monsters Among Us, was released in 2018, and the second game, Evil Behind a Mask, in 2019, so I’m guessing that Domini Games plans to release a new game for every Halloween, but we’ll see.

The trailer for Halloween Chronicles: Monsters Among Us

In Monsters Among Us, you return to your hometown for a family reunion and get more than you bargained for. Can you save the town before it’s too late?

Halloween Chronicles: Monsters Among Us at Big Fish

More Hidden Object Horror Games

Here are a few more horror games that I didn’t include on the main list. You should also check these out. Click on the blue link to go to Big Fish.

The Haunted Legends Series – this is a long-running series, with 15 games so far. I tried the first game, which was released in 2011, and bailed on it because it was painful to play, but the more recent games won’t have that problem.

The Fear for Sale Series – another long-running series. Once again, I bailed on the first one because of its age, but there are currently 12 games in the series.

The Haunted Hotel Series – another long series (18 games!). I own a few of these, but I’ve only played Lost Dreams so far. The game was good, so give this series a try. The first game is more of a straight up hidden object game (not a HOPA). I’ve linked to Lost Dreams, because I’ve played that one, but if you search for Haunted Hotel on Big Fish, you’ll find the others. You can decide which one you’d like to start with.

Dark Alleys: Penumbra Motel – Another older game. I haven’t played it, but the trailer looks good. I’d try the demo at Big Fish before buying.

That’s it. There are probably more scary games out there, but I wanted to focus on games that are truly horror games because they’re psychological thrillers or just all out scary. If I missed any games you think should be on the list, let me know in the comments.

Have fun playing with the lights on!

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  1. I have some of the “Haunted Hotel” games. I *adore* “Haunted Hotel: Eclipse”; I’ve played it so many times! So if you’re wondering where to start in the series, that would be my recommendation.

    1. Oh yeah, Haunted Hotel. That’s another great series. I’m working my way through it (have maybe played about a third of the way through). I agree, Eclipse is a great game!

  2. Are there any brand NEW GAMES OF 2022? I want to play really scary violent hidden object games that’ll literally scare the begeeezus out of me!! I love ones that makes me exhilaratingly terrified! Any of those? If not, please for the Love of all that’s holy, please make some HOG like that PLEASE!

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